GEA MIXING FORMULA® High Shear Test Mixers
24 juin 2021

Mélangeur à fort cisaillement GEA BATCH FORMULA® PRO

The multifunctional BATCH FORMULA® PRO High Shear Mixer with vacuum, uniquely introduces powder under vacuum below the liquid surface. This instantly wets and deaerates the powder, thereby creating a uniform, homogeneous, highly stable product with a long shelf-life. The benefit of introducing oil directly into the high shear mixing device is the production of very small oil droplets that contribute to a stable, consistent emulsion.

  • nutritional formula
  • flavors and fragrances
  • coffee and tea whiteners
  • cream cheese and processed cheese
  • yoghurt-based drinks
  • protein-based drinks
  • ketchups, sauces and mayonnaise
  • lotions, creams and shampoos
  • sweetened condensed milk
  • plant-based food
  • pet food