Mélangeur à fort cisaillement GEA BATCH FORMULA® PRO
8 juin 2021
Surgélateurs pour cartons GEA I-VRT
24 juin 2021

GEA MIXING FORMULA® High Shear Test Mixers

Developing new products and processes can be an expensive and labor-intensive investment for many customers. GEA understands this, and that is why we offer our customers the opportunity to trial their products before scaling up production.

  • nutritional formula
  • flavors and fragrances
  • coffee and tea whiteners
  • cream and processed cheese
  • yoghurt and protein-based drinks
  • ketchups, sauces and mayonnaise
  • lotions, creams and shampoos
  • sweetened condensed milk
  • plant-based food and beverages
  • recombined milk products
  • ice cream pre-mix and puddings